What is a cookie?
A cookie is a piece of information that  a web site puts on your hard drive so that it can remember something about you at a later date.
Cookies are gathered by your browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc. You can view cookies, delete them, or even set your browser not to accept them. Each browser is different, so check your help files to learn how to control cookies on your computer.
Cookies are not required does not require that its users have cookies enabled and disabling cookies will not affect the user experience. Cookies are used by our advertising affiliates to track your movement from the 9wired web site to the advertiser web site. receives a small commission on purchases made by clicking on a link placed on the 9wired site. The 9wired site contains many links but not all of them are affiliate links. By entering our site and browsing does place any cookies on your computer.
We do not collect information does not collect, store or sell any personal information about its users and no personal information is collected by our advertising affiliates nor you will not be asked to enter any information about you. Although, each of our advertising affiliates has its own Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and these policies and terms should be read and understood by anyone using our affiliate sites. If you feel there is concern about any of the terms our affiliates set forth we would like to know so we can preserve the integrity of the 9wired site. Please contact us with any concerns at the address at the bottom of this statement.
Why do we use affiliates? uses advertising affiliates to help offset the cost and time involved in building and maintaining the 9wired site. Countless hours of research have gone into this site and we do feel the information contained herein has some value to our users and the advertising links are of products we feel would be of use to our users as well. Many of the products advertised on 9wired are products that we personally use ourselves and feel would be a valuable addition to our users in the building and development of web sites. Having said that our users are under no obligation to use any of our advertising affiliates.
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