Here's a list of software downloads that I use in my site building projects. Most are free but a couple are paid for. By picking the right web host you could build your site with RVSitebuilder for the price of a domain and hosting.

Where to Download

I've never had any problems downloading from any of the sites listed on this page but if you're worried you can always download from or These sites check software submitted to their site and are virus free.

More Downloads
I recently discovered a site with many free downloads. Most software on this site is shareware (paid) but there are quite a few free ones as well. The link I've included here will lead to the home page. I found the 'Multimedia and Graphics' the most useful (logos, banners, photos, etc.) but there are many categories to choose from. The site is:

Scan Your Downloads
I hope you have some sort of anti-virus installed on your machine. If you don't you certainly should, if not you run the risk of picking up adware, malware, viruses, trojans, keyloggers and other bad stuff. I personally prefer Norton but there are others and there's even free ones which I've tried but they require more of a hands on approach to keeping you safe, I'd much rather have the anti-virus do all the work.
When downloading any software, no matter how safe you think the site is, be sure to scan the file for threats. After downloading, locate the file in the folder (Downloads) right click on the file and select 'Scan with' and scan the file with your anti-virus. Best to be safe than sorry.

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