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Search Engine Optimization
Many believe it's trickery to trick search engines into ranking #1 in a natural search. What's a natural search? It's a general search on the topic at hand and not something specific on your site.  In short SEO is optimizing your site to rank well with the search engines. This includes filling in your meta data, description, keywords, titles, file names and so on. Yes it's tedious, boring work but somebody's got to do it.
What to Do
The main thing to do is have well written, relevant text. Use the proper amount of keywords but don't overdo it. Use the proper heading tags, H1, H2, H3 and so on. Include alternative text for all of your links and images. try to get as many inbound links as possible, this conveys importance to the search engines.
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Stay away from 'keyword stuffing' as that will probably lead to more bad than good. Google frowns upon trying to game the system, naturally written text seems to be the consensus these days.
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Responsive Design
What is responsive design? Technically it means web design that automatically adjusts itself to be viewed properly on whatever device you may be viewing it on. If you're on a mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop, the web page will adjust to that width without the need for scrolling or pinching. Some say to design a separate mobile site as well as a site that works on laptop/desktop but I don't know about this, as publishing two sites with the same content would be duplicate content which would penalize you in search results and we are talking about SEO, so I'm not sure about this approach. RVSitebuilder does an excellent job at responsive design and is one of the many reasons I use it.
Why am I talking about responsive design on a page about SEO? Because google rewards sites that are mobile friendly and ranks those sites above those that aren't. Is that a big deal? I think so, since it's estimated that one third of all internet searches are done on a mobile device.
Is it Worth It?
You may ask is it really worth it? Of course it is. Do you want all of your hard work to go to the wayside or do you want people to actually read what you have to offer. It's a lot of work building a web site and if you want to monetize it then you need traffic. Even if you're not about monetization, you still want people to read your work right? Or notice your organization, recognition is always worth the effort. There's nothing that makes me happier than showing up on the first page of google or at least in the first five or ten pages, although most people including myself don't go beyond the first page. I'll go to page ten sometimes but I really have to be interested in the topic. Ask yourself, how far do you go when searching for something?

Originally published on 1-25-16
Updated on 2-15-16


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