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A few well placed images can really ad nicely to any web site. Many designers say that each article needs an image. I would say at least one, I like two or more but not too many, use good judgement and you'll be fine.

The sitebuilder used to build this has its own image library which is limited but still has a nice selection and I didn't have to go and hunt on the web for free images. Now, let me reiterate, FREE IMAGES. Make sure you are not using copyrighted images and use only those that are for public use. It would be easy enough to go on the web, find images you'd like to use, and copy and paste them into your web site. Easy yes, but not the right way to do it. Here is a guide to find free images for personal or commercial use, but still heed the warnings as these images still may be copyrighted. So, follow all of the precautions, you don't want to get into any trouble for illegally using someone's images.

When you do find the images you want you may have to edit them in some way, crop, resize or whatever. A very good free tool for this is Irfanview. This tool has tons of settings but let me save you some headaches and worries, just install it as is, it will work just fine 'out of the box'. If you want to play around the settings later, that's OK but don't worry about right away. I've used this excellent piece of software since 2002 and I've never even dabbled with any of the settings, but I only use it for cropping and resizing, as it does an excellent and easy job of batch image resizing. Irfanview has many other capabilities, but I've never used any of them.

Another good free image editing tool is PhotoScape, which is easy and fun to use and has a very straightforward and intuitive approach to editing. I like to use it for color replacement and it has other cool effects as well. PhotoScape also works well for cropping and most everyone should be able to jump right in and start.

I find it a lot of fun to play with images and the right ones really do make an attractive difference on any web site.

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