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Have you ever wondered where those cool looking fonts came from that some people have used to create their logo? They sure weren't originally installed on your computer, I can tell you that much. They were downloaded from a font site and then installed on the computer.
What's a Font?
A font is style of letter or lettering
Boring Fonts
Most computers come with many fonts installed on them but don't you think they look very similar and boring? Well, you can have cool looking fonts to use on your computer too. Just download and install them. My favorite site for this is called Now, a word of warning, if you use one of these fonts, chances are anyone viewing your web site won't see them, unless of course they have the same font installed on their computer and most likely they won't. So, how do you use them? You'll have to create your logo in PhotoFiltre or paint.NET and then save it as an image type, I like to use .png as it produces a nice sharp image. Don't use .gif which produces jagged edges.
Be Careful
Beware, not all fonts on dafont are free, some are donation, some are public domain, some are demos and others are shareware. So, be sure to check as you're downloading them.
Installing Fonts
After downloading, locate the font, (usually in Downloads file) once located, right click on the file, select "Open with" and then select 7zip, if you don't have 7zip on your machine download and install it, it's a FREE download also. Now, I like to drag and drop the top font file to the font folder in the computer window: Start>Computer> Local disk (C;)>Windows>Fonts
Note: When opening font files from dafont with 7zip, the file needed to install the font is usually always the top file as shown in the image to the right. The other files won't work if you do try to install them. If successful you'll see a small window indicating the status of the install. If you're not successful you'll see a small window indicating the action cannot be completed. In which case try to install a different file. Don't worry, you can't mess anything up as only the correct file will install itself.
Once the fonts are installed on your machine then you can use them in your word programs, word processors, PhotoFiltre and paint.NET.

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