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Creating a memorable logo for your web site is always a good idea. Something unique, easy to read and with tasteful colors. My favorite tool for creating logos is actually a photo editor named PhotoFiltre. I've created more logos with this piece of free software than any other tool in my tool belt. Probably because of its clean results and ease of use. If you take a short time getting to know this software you'll be able to produce nice logos and simple graphics. Despite the warnings inside the program itself, PhotoFiltre does support layers and transparency and does it quite well.
Advanced Option
Another piece of free software used by many for creating stunning graphics and logos is Paint.NET. This is not all that easy to use and you really need a good understanding of layers but if you can master this tool you'll be able to create superb graphics and logos. The images displayed within their forum are quite awesome. I personally don't use it that much merely because of its difficulty. It has been compared to PhotoShop by many experts and best of all it's free.
Text Creation Tool
Another tool that I use but not very often is PosTextEffects. As the name implies this sofware produces graphic text only. It is easy to use, produces good results but the style doesn't meet my particular needs.
With all logo creation tools unless they provide more advanced fonts, you will need to download some fancy fonts.
Memorable Design
Whatever tool you decide to use, the making of a memorable logo will go a long way with name recognition.

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Last updated 3-17-16

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