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Web Hosting

What is a web host?
Think of a host as a home for your web site where your site will reside on a web server maintained by your web host.
Choose Wisely
Choosing a web host can be a tough job since the are many thousands to choose from. Instead of trying to find the best host, the better way to think of it is to find the best host for you. Different projects will have different needs.
Cheapest is not always the best choice, nor is the most expensive. Many very good web hosts are inexpensive though. Most people go with the big players in the industry such as HostGator, BlueHost HostMonster, 1and1, MochaHost and SiteGround just to name a few. Most of these hosts seem to have the same type of reviews and all of these have similar support. None have fantastic support but all get the problems solved. One very annoying thing about web hosting support is that there are different tiers of support. The front line is merely an answering service acknowledging you have a problem and they will pass your concern on to the next level. It's not until you get to the 3rd level with the senior admins/techs will your problem actually get solved, although some hosts achieve this in only two tiers. Whatever the case, just be patient and your problem will get solved eventually.
Hosts I've Used
In my time on the web I've used a total of five different hosts, relatively few compared to most of the stories I've read, but I do a ton of research before I choose. Some were better than others but I was satisfied with them all.
Currently I use theprimehost.com. I've never had any major problems with them, actually I've used their support very little as I've had few if any problems. They have great uptime, good features, they use Softaculous auto installer and the owner and senior admin/tech man, Darrell is top notch. Darrell is very responsive and knowledgeable. I was with theprimehost for a year but after that time I had to depart from my web adventures due to medical problems but since my return to site building I went right back to them without hesitation and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good, inexpensive web host. Aside from everything else I've mentioned they have RVSitebuilder Pro included with all of there hosting packages which is a very nice addition that most other hosts don't offer without an extra charge. Actually, most hosts don't offer any type of sitebuilder at all.

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Last updated 4-3-16

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