How To
At first glance I found Mobirise to be very non intuitive. But, after a bit it will become easier, although unorthodox compared to other sitebuilders. Once you are accustom to it, it is actually quite easy. Mobirise does have a user forum and a nice help file.

Theme Sales
More often than not, all of the themes can be purchased as a bundle for a greatly reduced price. Sometimes, as low as $100 or less.
Mobirise is a free, responsive design, mobile friendly sitebuilder that is built on Bootstrap 3 and 4. There's no need to set breakpoints, Mobirise does it all for you, automatically, which is really nice. Having to set your own breakpoints can be tedious and to my experience does not always function as it should.

Drag and Drop
Touted as a drag and drop builder, but the only things that can be dragged onto a page are the blocks and can only be controlled vertically. Which means there is no precise placements of elements such as in other sitebuilders. With that said, beautiful modern looking sites can be built with ease.
Although the initial download is free, there are many themes, blocks and extensions you can buy. Most of the themes are around $40, but the free version comes with one theme, which in many cases has plenty of useful stuff to build a site.
Some of the many blocks available are: sliders, galleries with lightbox, images and videos, pricing tables, forms, Google maps, social blocks and footers.
Inline Editing
What's nice about Mobirise is the inline editing feature. That is the text and all other editing is done in your actual design, so you know exactly how things will look as you go. Some of the other sitebuilders I've used bring up a separate text/word editor making it difficult to design as you go. I think of this as designing your site in 'real time'.
Many sitebuilders claim this and to an extent they are but Mobirise truly lives up to that claim.

Originally published on 12-3-2018

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Mobirise Review
Honestly, I can't find anything that I can't recommend about Mobirise site builder. Everything functions as it should and has no major glitches that I have found, which is very refreshing. Mobirise is a well thought out piece of software and sites display very nicely on mobile devices which is not always true of other so called responsive site builders.


No Coding
Mobirise is a true WYSIWYG website builder and designed for both the non-techie and the developer who wants to build fast. Whoever you are, if your looking to build a modern, mobile friendly site with minimal effort, then Mobirise is the sitebuilder for you.
5 Stars!
I rarely say this, but I have to give Mobirise a 5 star rating, it's that good and best of all it's FREE!