SiteSpinner  is a free web page building software developed by It is a full blown site building software and a good place to start if you're beginning your interest in building a web site.

WebDwarf is no longer available and has been replaced with SiteSpinner as the free download of Virtual Mechanics.

SiteSpinner Pro
SiteSpinner Pro is the elite software of Virtual Mechanics. It sports the most features and of course is the most expensive, coming in at $97.00. I'm all about free and or cheap but I did recently purchase the pro version at a much discounted price because of my past purchase of SiteSpinner.
I've yet to use it, so I can't attest to its usability. The main reason for the purchase was to have a site builder with an easier to use responsive design capability. If you remember from from other writings, responsive design is a must for SEO and Google search placement.
RVSitebuilder Pro has by far the easiest responsive design as it is only the tick of a box to put it into effect but SiteSpinner Pro claims to have an easy go of it as well, so I'll just have to wait and see.
SiteSpinner is something I've used quite extensively in the past. I created a rather large site (40-50 pages) for an organization I was involved with. If you stick to the basics of web design, the learning curve is not all that steep but it can get as complex as you want.
Even though I am using RVSitebuilder exclusively right now, I am always drawn back to this software, hence my recent purchase of the pro version. Very professional web sites can be produced with SiteSpinner, the only real drawback is it does not have responsive design capabilities, as that is reserved for the pro edition only.
The price for SiteSpinner 100% free.

  • Text to image is a nice feature, allowing the use of fancy fonts for logos and slogans.

  • Built in FTP publishing, no need for a separate FTP client.

  • Image editing included. Resizing, transparency, image flipping and much more

  • Graphic creation tool is part
    of the software.

  • Create shapes and gradients easily.

  • Multi-page sites and multiple projects.

  • One time fee not a subscription

  • Publish to any web host or publish locally to your own computer.

Updated on 11-28-2018

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Many Features
Both SiteSpinner and Pro have tons of features but only the Pro version has the capabilities of producing a responsive design.
The novice should have a fairly easy time with using this site builder. Extensive help files and a user forum make for an easier start-up.
Good Value
If you're looking to purchase a site building software, I would certainly recommend the Pro version.
SiteSpinner Pro has a price tag of $97.00 but this is a one time fee only. There are no fees for future updates.

Try SiteSpinner for totally free forever to get your feet wet. That's what I did and eventually upgraded to the paid version.